Grandpa Jon Easy-Chair Song Videos

Grandpa Jon is recording close-up phone videos of performing original songs in his easy chair. Enjoy the social analysis and life insights of holistic philosophy expressed in these creative songs.


"Easy-Chair Song Videos"



Life often surprises us with transformations and transitions. In the ongoing permanent process of change we live, grow, learn, think, and have friendships, making choices and mistakes as we grow in mind.


We're In This Together

We are in this together: waiting out the storm, finding where we stand, needing understanding, healing, learning and cooperation, helping each other in working out the kinks as we pursue restoration of a good society of betterment.



We are victims of an elaborate system of psychological operations. These have grown over decades from long-term cabal planning of their agenda of depopulation and mind-control unto ultimate technological tyranny. If we spread awareness of the psy-ops modalities we may yet be able to stop the process.

(Also see my Yeswise Insights Blog: "Psy-Ops" - Psychological Operations)



What game are they playing? What are they saying? Who’s doing planning? What fires are they fanning? Who knows what is real? Let’s think about things another way, beyond the script of what they say!


"Becoming More Aware"

As we grow through both our individual and collective experiences, we have opportunities for freeing the mind, expanding conscious awareness and healing ourselves with God’s love, kindness and understanding.


"Memories Live"

The memories of our lifetime come alive again as we bring them to mind. Some are good; some are bad or sad; some inspire love; some help with today’s decisions; all are educational.


"Got To"

This song is sort of a life “to-do list” for me. Maybe you’ll find some ideas for your list in this easy chair song video of “Got To”!



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"The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn."


Grandpa Jon
Jon David Miller
singer-songwriter, storyteller & sage
"a breath of fresh thought"
original music, stories & philosophy

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